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Glue guns

Perfect for craft and DIY jobs both large and small. Available in 25W, 60W, and 100W for small and large projects.


Embossing, shrink-wrapping, paint removal, drying, melting, and more! Our dual-setting heat guns are the perfect tool. Low heat for detailed work, high heat for the big jobs.


 Includes everything needed to start your wood burning art. Perfect for beginners and intermediate users.

Airbrush KITS

A cordless airbrush for seemless spray painting. Perfect for small to medium painting projects. Includes a free ebook and video tutorial

heat gun crafts
glue gun crafts and DIY projects
wood burning crafts and DIY projects


A defective electrical tool is both an electrical hazard & a fire hazard! Beware CE-certified (Europe-only) & non-certified electrical tools. UL-certification is the safety standard for products sold & used in North America.

UL certification is very expensive to obtain & manufacturers are proud to display it, so if a product doesn’t advertise it you can be sure it doesn’t have it.

Unlike most craft tools, all Chandler Tool models are fully UL-certified.

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