Chandler Tool 25W Mini Glue Gun

Mini Glue Gun

Combining the reliability & performance of full-size hot glue gun in a versatile & mini design, the CT25 is perfect for everything from crafting to small home repairs & DIY projects. Available in Blue and Pink.

  • Unique “Stand-Up” base makes craft projects easier than ever. Traditional stand included too
  • Beware inferior glue guns. UL-certified for North American use. American brand & lifetime warranty
  • Professional quality 25w mini size hot melt glue gun for use with 5/16″ adhesive glue stick
  • UL-safety certified for North American use
  • Don’t like buying junk? Neither do we. American brand.


      Price on Amazon:

      $12.97 USD

      If the Chandler Tool CT25 looks different than other glue guns, that’s because it IS different. Once you experience the ease & convenience of our patented “Stand-Up” base, you’ll wonder how you survived without it! No more tipping. No more dripping!

      And for those times you’d prefer a traditional wire stand, we’ve included one of those too!


      • STAND-UP BASE – Our coolest feature! If you’re an experienced crafter, you know that hot glue guns constantly fall over. Not with ours! Our patented Stand-Up Base keeps our hot melt glue gun upright and ready for action. No more taking your eyes off your work while fumbling to pick up your glue gun. Crafters LOVE our stand-up base. Once you try it, you’ll never go back! Complete kit includes hot glue gun with glue sticks (10 pcs full size 7/16”)

      • NO DRIPS – Many hot glue guns have poorly designed heating chambers, resulting in constant dripping between uses & a huge mess. Not with ours! We took the time & spent the money to develop a professional quality high temp hot glue gun that does NOT drip between uses. So say goodbye to wasted glue & hello to a clean workshop with the top heavy-duty   hot glue gun kit recommended by crafters & DIY-lovers everywhere

      • UL-CERTIFIED – Be careful! Poor-quality glue guns are both a fire hazard & an electrical shock hazard! Most generic hot glue guns are NOT manufactured to North American safety standards & are NOT safety certified. Underwriters Laboratories “UL” is the industry standard for North American safety certification. UL Certification ain’t cheap, but we’re proud to say we won’t sell a hot melt gun without it


      • AMERICAN BRAND – Tired of buying poor-quality “throwaway” products from overseas sellers who don’t care about their customers? Chandler Tool is a good ‘ol American brand, located right here in the greatest country on Earth – the United States of America. Though many of our tools are manufactured overseas, our company is located in America, we employ Americans & we pay American taxes, just like you


      Do you like throwing away tools & buying new ones? We don’t. That’s why we built the CT25 to last. With a body made from top-quality impact-resistant plastic & an all-metal precision heating element, this just might be the last glue gun you buy.


      A defective glue gun is both an electrical hazard & a fire hazard! Beware CE-certified (Europe-only) & non-certified (yikes!) glue guns. UL-certification is the safety standard for products sold & used in North America. UL certification is very expensive & manufacturers are proud to display it, so if a product doesn’t list it, you can be sure it doesn’t have it. Unlike most hot glue guns sold online, the Chandler Tool CT25 Stand-Up Glue Gun is fully UL-certified.

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