Hot glue gun crafts

1. Hot Glue Gun

Our first pick this year for the closet crafter is the trusted hot glue gun. Tried and true, this handy toolbox staple has been our go-to friend for almost 50 years. She’s trustworthy, has great curves and frankly, super hot. From home improvements to DIY projects, the hot glue gun has made its magical way into the lives of crafters and handy wo(men) alike. Lucky for you, Chandler Tool just made your life easier with 3 Hot Glue Guns to choose from varying in size and color. With a stand up base and drip free tip, we’ve got you covered.

Best Wood Burning Kit

2. Wood Burning Kit

Coming in at a close 2nd place is the wood burning kit. Comprehensive, complete, and great for beginners; the Chandler Tool Wood Burning Kit is the perfect gift for someone looking to heat things up. With 8 brass tips, a stand for safety and something that will look really good in your hand, you can’t miss with this gift. Better yet, with every purchase, you or your loved one will receive a free 2 hour video tutorial brought to you by the one and only Miss Aney Carver of PyroCrafters. She will review safety + maintenance, pro tips, and 3 sample projects. Wait for it, there’s more. Access our downloadable eBook covering the basics of wood burning, techniques, and tracing.

Pyrocrafters Plus Membership

3. Pyrography Membership

Why not spoil that special someone with the gift that keeps on giving? Since you’ve already bought them a sleek and durable wood burning kit, the Chandler Tool Creative Squad thinks you’ll score extra brownie points by adding an online membership. For those truly wanting to explore the wonderful world of pyrography, PyroCrafters Plus offers just that; a monthly membership covering LIVE training, downloadable templates, a variety of wood burning courses + access to a pyrography community, all led by the fabulous Miss Aney Carver.

Best Heat Gun For Crafts

4. Heat Gun

Coming in with our 4th best holiday gift this year is the heat gun. From embossing to shrink wrap, DIY projects and electronic fixes, the Chandler Tool Heat Gun is a winner all around. Pink or Blue, with an option for low and high speed settings, you can’t go wrong…you’re welcome by the way.

Best Christmas Gifts for Crafters

5. Gift Cards

Last but not certainly not least, we think that the ultimate hobbyist, wood worker, or handy wo(man), would appreciate a gift card to their local hobby or home repair store. We know, we know, cash is king, however there is something about a little piece of plastic with a printed big red bow on it that just tickles us pink. Who doesn’t love walking up and down those aisles that seem to go on forever, those tall ceilings, bright lights above, and orange aprons to boot?

We hope we’ve made your holiday shopping that much easier with some insight from professional people who know how to write a blog post. Seriously though, happy shopping; they’re worth it, right?


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