1. Paint Drying

It can take a long time for the paint to dry and cure, and if you don’t have the patience for it, or need to work on the walls without messing up the paintwork, it can get frustrating. Luckily for you, a heat gun could come in handy in a situation such as this. Put the heat gun in its low heat setting and begin heating the paint for it to dry faster.

2. Paint Removal

Paint stripping is one of the most popular heat gun uses. If you are redecorating your home or moving to a new one, consider buying a heat gun if you don’t already own one. Trust me, it will help you avoid a lot of headaches. If you might need to use one outside of your home such as in your yard, I suggest getting a cordless heat gun. These electric heat guns run on battery and are portable heat guns. With one of these, you can also use heat guns to strip paint off the exterior walls of your home as well as the interior.

3. To Soften Adhesives

Not just stickers, this works for all kinds of adhesives including glue and cement. You can use it to remove the tiles in your bathroom, the posters on your wall, or anything really.

4. For Shrink Wrap

What a lot of people do when wrapping things is that they wrap the wrappings carefully around the box, then they heat up their blow dryer and wait for hours as the wrappings shrink onto the box. If you have nothing better to do, then this may be a solid way to kill time.

5. Drying Damp Wood

One of the super useful heat gun crafts is for drying wood that is damp or wet. For whatever reason, you may require the wood to be dried as fast as possible. Heat guns come very handy in this sort of situation. You would, however, want it in a low-temperature setting so as to not burn up the wood.

6. Sanitizing

This doesn’t come as a regular handy way to put your heat gun to use, but one of the most useful means. Although this is not in workshops of craftsmen, they tend to end up in laboratories and hospitals. You can use your heat guns at extremely high-temperature to sterilize tools for surgical purposes or some other uses.

7. Melt Wax

When the need arises to peel off candle wax on the floor of a room table or anywhere you don’t want it, use a heat gun. Heat gun at the lowest temperature provides just enough heat to peel it off. Be careful not to damage the table as too much heat can singe the wood.

8. Removing Old Wallpaper

Of all the handy ways to put your gun to use, you need to exercise enough carefulness here. Heat gun help to remove old wallpapers from old wood chips most especially texture papers with several layers of water-resistant paper. The heat helps to melt the glue and burn the paper. Hence you have to perform this task at the correct temperature to avoid burning the wood.

9. Shrink Tubing

This usage stems from the earlier discussed PVC pipe bending. Unlike in shrink wrapping where you shrink wrappings around boxes and other materials meant for packaging, you shrink insulation, shaped like tubes, around wires.

10. Obtaining The Old Antique Look On Wood

Every woodworker can ascertain the fact that people pay a lot of money to obtain an old antique look on their furniture. However, you can save that extra cost by investing in a heat gun and aging your furniture yourself. You just have to move your heat gun over the wooden furniture, paying attention to the direction of the grain, moving gently and evenly.

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